Monday, July 10, 2006

So where the hell have you been?

Ive been asked this a couple times from numerous people and contrary to popular belief I havent vanished from the face of the earth. Well simply put Ive been busy with quite a few things and simply havent had the appropriate time to dedicate to making a blog worth reading.
Im thinking of updating less frequently than I did before (once a day on the weekdays) but more frequently than I have in the past month (none). So finding a happy median shouldnt be too hard to find.
What have I been up to for the past month you ask? Well aside from work, Ive been working on some video editing projects, which I will say are fun but codec problems with media players are the bane of my existence at the moment. Oh and Im taking some online college courses to further my studies.

Now what else was there, oh yeah 4th of July. What a bright idea it is to only have a few firework places where the mass public can gather around and cause massive traffic jams, drink publicly, and generally act unruly. If you cant tell the sarcasm in reading that then my apologies and I was being sarcastic. I was traveling through downtown when the fireworks started to go off (yeah I know not the brightest thing in the world). I ended up in a parking lot which I thought I could get out of. Needless to say there ended up being a wall of cars blocking off the exit of the parking lot with all the occupants of the cars either inside or even outside of their cars oogling over the fireworks.

No, this wasnt as fun as I thought but what comes next wasI took my car a sedan mind you off road backing out, since the geniuses behind me decided to park and jump out of their cars to observe the fireworks. Backing out was touchy at times with 2 wheels off road over a curb and 2 on the paved road. I was able to back out and get going home just as the final barrage of fireworks dissipated in the nights sky.

Driving home there was some traffic but not too bad. Unfortunately the person in front of me upon attempting to merge onto the freeway got cold feet and stopped right there. I paused for a moment and thought What would possess someone to just stop in the middle of the onramp? Well as soon as I saw a break in the traffic I stomped on the gas and took off like a bat out of hell, sorry lack of creative verbal expression there.

I made it home safe and sound seeing as I am typing to you all now. And the moral of the storywell I cant think of one but Ill let you know when I do...

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