Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ok, first everyone say it with me re-spon-si-bil-i-ty. Need help trying to pronounce it?
ri-"spän(t)-s&-'bi-l&-tE. Responsibility, so what does that really mean? The quality or state of being responsible: as moral, legal, or mental accountability. My friends over at Miriam-Webster were kind enough to provide that bit of help with this early segment.

Now it’s really simple be accountable for your actions, more and more we’re just not seeing people in society live up to the expectation to be responsible. Be it kids not picking up their toys, to grown adults not taking care of their paternal responsibilities, this sort of social dysfunction isn’t healthy.

This strikes me as an interesting topic as someone I know is going through a difficult time. She is with child yet the person who is supposed to be there with her elected to not marry her due to pressure from his family. This is not a young gentleman either, he’s past his 20’s and frankly the guy doesn’t have his life together.

So let’s rewind just a tad. The gentleman lives at home with his parents, doesn’t have a full time job, and from what I understand does not have a degree yet. He’s cordial and seems like a nice guy but it just seems as thought he can’t make a decision for himself. His parents run his life and when he was pressured by them to not get married, he buckled (from what I understand they were going to withdraw financial support, food, and lodging).

Now when in the course of human events (we’ve heard that one before…) there comes a time in which you have to bite the proverbial bullet and just get it done. That takes some courage but it’s also you being responsible. Only you can make the right choices for yourself, but considers others first. It’s almost like the “Golden Rule” but sometimes that impact reaches much longer and wider than just worrying about what happens to you.

Be responsible, be considerate and maybe just maybe the world will be a little brighter for everyone.

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