Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where does all the time go?

You know in all honesty I wonder where the time goes sometimes. I mean not to make anyone sound old or anything but I’ve seen many of my friends and classmates from High School move on to the next stage of their lives, the one where everyone is supposed to be responsible and hold down a job. Thinking of these things makes me reflect a bit on those days long passed – I look back at it more with fondness than sadness, thankfully.

I suppose what brought this about was the fact that one of my good friends was going through with the big “M”, you know, marriage. Now, I must say that we go back, way back, back before Super Nintendo, almost pre-dating the US launch of the Nintendo, so we have a good amount of history and growing up together. With that said, I’ll be in his wedding, like a coach once again in his corner, cheering him on (even with smelling salt…), and I’ll be thankful and happy that he’s found someone to settle down with.

So where does all the time go? To be honest I have no clue although I think that’s best left to ponder that more individually. As for me, I’ll focus on making every moment count, enjoying the simple day to day things, and looking forward to the next chapters of my life, just like a good book.

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