Thursday, April 20, 2006

Knowing your role?

I thought I would start this entry off with a little inspiration in the form of a haiku that I wrote

Staring into moon
Thinking what tomorrow brings
Im not lost anymore

Now that we got the introduction out of the way I had an interesting day to sit and lament over knowing your role. What does that really mean? Im not sure, and Im probably not qualified to tell you what your role is but why is it that society puts roles on everyone just to pass judgment on them. For one reason or another someone got the bright idea to give everyone a once over looking at them and say thats where you belong, which in turn puts a check mark next to your name and who you are to be.

I disagree with how society judges people for various reasons but its shameful that we think we give everyone an equal opportunity when thats far from the truth. Why are there shows on TV that interchange Caucasian and African Americans with each other, pigmenting their skin and having them live a life on the other side of the fence?
If that doesnt tell you theres obviously something askew with societys labels then perhaps I can open some eyes.

I'd like to think that I myself give everyone an equal opportunity at showing me who they really are. I guess were all quick to judge, but in time you learn to have a little more faith in humanity and let people show their true colors to you. Many times first impressions, while always important, dont genuinely show you who that person really is. Give them a chance to come out of their shell a bit and express who they are and what they like to do. Theres nothing worse than telling someone who they are before theyve said it for themselves.

I've seen plenty ladies out there who love to participate in kickboxing and even quite a few who weight lift. Im not sure who really passes judgment on them but I notice they get some strange looks. Why is that? Why is that lady whos bench pressing as much as any guy getting those looks as if you swallowed a lemon?

Now I applaud those efforts because not only are they doing something they love to do, but they are doing it despite what society believes is acceptable for them to do. So next time, when you see that lady in the gym, give her a thumbs up.
Oh, and it doesnt stop there. This is more of a male stigma towards women but just listen for a second. Remember that one girl that you see all the time, you know the one that all the guys stare at and think shes gods gift. Well ever stop and think what shes all about? What if shes a med student at a prestigious university, most people (READ: guys) dont see past that, which is a shame.

This type of stigma happens to me quite often in fact. I suppose I dont look like the type of person who enjoys cooking, museums, and some classical music. Sure I have some A-typical traits, but when I share what I enjoy doing with other people I get some strange responses. You get the Oh no way to the Yeah right answers typically, however some are more accepting than others. What happens all too often is people are hesitant until I start popping off answers to their barrage of questions.

There was a time in which I recall mentioning I cook to someone, in which they quickly snipped back So what did you have for dinner? I suppose at this point they were expecting a candid answer of Mac n Cheese from a blue and yellow box. That wasnt the case at all as I simply replied Well I got home and made herb crusted pan seared lamb with a red wine vino sauce. The look I got was priceless.

Now what does that say about the society that we live in? Well I can tell you that were all quick to judge a book by its cover and we rarely take the time to read its pages. Last time I checked that book on the shelf, it looked a little worn but I use it every Sunday.

So Ill close this entry out with a simple quote..

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." -Voltaire

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