Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Damn…It’s getting hot

Well, what can I say it’s getting pretty damn hot around these parts now, I suppose that was my signal that Summer has already encroached upon my neck of the hemisphere. I seemed to have missed the memo I think, but then again in the midst of cubicles, constant temperatures (of a brisk 70-something) in our AC laden office, it’s easy to miss.

Never the less, heres to shorts, tank tops, and halters, here’s to you Summer. And since the most exciting season is upon us, get out there have some fun, just don’t forget the sun screen!


Grimwell said...

It's been summer since I got her in December!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's starting to get pretty hot here in the midwest as well:) But someone told me that summer heat means you have to drink lots of beer? So maybe it isn't so bad after all?

phi said...

*shakes a very cold fist at Raijinn*

It's winter here in Australia... and despite big in a drought we are currently suffering floods. Stupid bi-polar weather.