Monday, May 08, 2006

The Family Dinner

Now and again I think back at things that at the time didn’t seems significant but now I wish that these occurrences happened a bit more often than they did. Family dinner for one is something that I wish happened more often way back when and I think it’s something that many people, kids and adults alike take for granted.

We’re fortunate enough in this country to more or less have dinner every night in one way shape or form. All too often though we see the kids grab some grub from the stove and head off to sit in front of the TV while mom and dad munch away off on the side.

Why is it that families don’t sit together more often and just be a family? I’m not so sure, everyone’s agenda is always pressed, and everyone always has something to do. Family dinner is something that as a kid you can care less for, I mean it’s not cool to sit with the old folks and eat, right? Well when you get older you start to appreciate that time that you got to spend with your “old folks” because it’s time that you can’t really get back once they aren’t around any longer.

I’m fortunate enough to have both my mom and dad still around but I’m not able to have a simple meal with them any time I want since they are far away. I do however remember how nice it was to sit with them and just talk about how my day was, even if it did stink.

So please, put down the remotes and gather around the table. Sit with your ma’ and pa’, just for dinner. It’s time that you will remember later on, and it’s time that you can’t get back once it’s passed.

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