Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Internet Fads

We’re in the information age and sooner or later you’ll get smitten by the latest internet fad that’s sweeping cyberspace. Faster than a boy band gets shown the stage the fads are here and gone. What’s the deal with all the crazy fads? All your base are belong to us? Chuck Norris? You’re the Man Now Dog? Leeroy Jenkins? Star Wars Kid?...There’s just too many to list but we’ll go ahead and break down a few.

Ok now some of the fads are funny, All your base are belong to us now that’s just tacky. It’s just a bad translation that someone thought would be funny to show the rest of the world. It was only relevant in the UK since US never saw that horrible translation of Zero Wing for the Sega Genesis. It’s a bad translation no more no less, watch a dubbed Kung Fu flick and get over it.

Did you know Chuck Norris can divide by zero? No not really, but in the magical world of internet phenomenon people believe he can. I don’t want to dispel any myths or rumors about Chuck Norris but it seems as though Chuck knows of his new found internet fame and posted a response on his website which can be found here. Although, if you want to see where all this crazy talk came from you can check it out here

Leeroy Jenkins, probably the most famous online game player this side of Fatal1ty. Best known for his antics while in a group in game and on team speak. The group is devising their master plan in order to combat a difficult area and he just rushes in without rhyme or reason. It’s one of those scratch your head moments but I suppose it got enough people’s attention since Leeroy is a fad in itself. Heck he was even featured on Jeopardy in a question. I don’t know about making heads or tails of it but I did get a laugh out of watching the famous clip…once…

In all, the internet gives society a new ground to base our information assaults on the masses. Sometimes these trivial thoughts, ideas, and concepts turn into huge fads because of the mass of people who think it’s the new hotness. Thankfully just as the boy bands faded into obscurity these fads will as well….And not soon enough…

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