Friday, May 05, 2006

Flashback Friday: Inspector Gadget

Imagine that you’re a lanky sort of fellow, grey suit, mechanical body parts, obsession to save the day but you aren’t too coordinated, what does that make you? You guessed it, Inspector Gadget. Cut scene to the shadowy image of Dr. Claw stroking his pet Madcat after another foiled plan …”I’ll get you Gadget”… Who can forget that?

Now what would Gadget do if he didn’t have his mission, and none other than Chief Quimby would give him the mission on an exploding piece of paper. Gadget would quickly read the message which at the end would always state “This message will self destruct…”. Gadget would then turn and toss the paper away only to blow up the Chief, poor guy.

Inspector Gadget didn’t solve his missions alone, heck he never really solved the problems but somehow managed to get credit for the save. Gadget was fortunate enough to always be accompanied by his too-smart-for-her-own good niece Penny and trusty dog Brain. The combination of Penny and Brain usually led to the problem being solved and the troubles investigated, while Gadget’s hijinks only led him astray from the real problem until finally stumbling his way into the solution or nabbing the bad guy.

Now Gadget did stop the villains, however he wouldn’t be so effective if he didn’t have his slick gadgets that popped out of every place imaginable. Magnifying glass, pen, laser, you name it he had it available in his arsenal. You never know what he would pop out with next.

There was also a more recent resurgence of the Inspector with some movies that appeared in 99’ and 03’. The movies looked ok but neither of the movies translated the original cartoon just right.

You can check out that famous intro music in the follow link.. Inspector Gadget TV Intro.

Until next time…Go Go Gadget Copter…

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